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Universal Judgment: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel

The famous masterpiece of Michelangelo comes to life in an amazing spectacle produced by Marco Balich, known for his ceremonies at Olympic Games, with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums. The immersive show features a theme song composed by pop star Sting, as well as dancers and acrobats, and an impressive sound system. “We want to imbue the fruition of a work of art with a strong emotional impact”, said Balich “using the codes that relate to the younger generations that have grown up with Play Station, that go to the movies in 3D, watch Netflix, but are on the other hand almost distracted with respect to this wonderful artistic patrimony.” (Rif. Vatican news). Imagine to seat in the middle of the most famous chapel of Christianity transformed into a theater, to listen to a theme song created by Sting and to watch the characters painted by Michelangelo coming to life, floating into the theater through projections, special effects, live performances.The absolute protagonist is the Sistine Chapel, one of the most amazing places in the history of world art is at the centre of a show that combines, according to Barbara Jatta director of the Vatican Museums, innovation and tradition the art of Michelangelo with the most advanced technology, the 270° immersive projections lead the audience to the very centre of the event that lasts 60 minutes.The narrative covers a total duration of less than 15 minutes over the 60 minutes duration of the show. Dialogues and voices-over (Italian or English depending on the schedule) are widespread in the theater through the immersive mode typical of the whole show. Translation in main languages will be supplied by leaflets (free summary of the plot) or by headphones (€. 5).



Via della Conciliazione, 4 – 00193 Roma (the street leading to St. Peter’s Basilica)


  • Monday to Saturday 9.00 am > 8.00 pm
  • Sunday 9.30 am > 5.00 pm

Via della Conciliazione, 4 – Rome

Tel. 06.6832256

e-mail: (8% commission is charged for online purchase)


Central: Monday to Friday except evening shows  

  • Adults: 22 €
  • Under 26: 20 €
  • Schools: 12 €
  • Kids 5 – 13 Years:12 €

Central: Evening, weekend, holidays

  • Adults: 28 €
  • Under 26: 26 €
  • Schools: 12 €
  • Kids 5 – 13 Years: 12 €

Standard: Monday to Friday except evening shows    

  • Adults: 18 €
  • Under 26: 16 €
  • Schools: 12 €
  • Kids 5 – 13 Years: 12 €


Standard: Evening, weekend, holidays      

  • Adults: 24 €
  • Under 26: 22 €
  • Schools: 12 €
  • Kids 5 – 13 Years: 12 €

Children under 4 years old (if they do not occupy a seat): free entrance.

Desabled person (if unable to walk): free entrance


For further information about the event schedule it would be better to see the official website: