Family Time

Luneur Park

Luneur Park is Italy’s oldest amusement park, it reopened, after being closed for several years, on October 2016 totally renewed, aimed at children up to 12 years old.

There are 25 attractions, including the Brucomela roller coaster, carousel horses and teacups, as well as new attractions such as the bamboo tunnel, the maze, the giant swing and the Wizard of Oz-style farm.

Once going through the imposing gate, it’s like walking into an enchanted world full of colours with a big meadow plenty of windmills and rides for the little ones, the entire area of the park is surrounded by lawns and large paths, a garden full of plants and trees that appears to children as a wonderland. A 23m-high ferris wheel, that is now part of Eur district skyline, rises above the entrance of the park.

In the middle of the park there is a cafeteria with outdoor tables in front of an inspiring pond for a rest, there are also other rest stops in the park selling kids’ favorite food such as icecream, sweets.


Opening hours may change depending on the season, it would be better to look the following web site:

(Last entry half an hour before the closing time)


The entrance ticket to the Luneur Park is a funny coloured bracelet, it is possible to buy only the entry to the Park (entry fee  €. 5,00) or in addition to the entry fee to charge the bracelet with Lunalire for the entry on the rides. Each ride may cost one or two Lunalire (1 lunalira = 1 Euro), a virtual coin used in the park. The bracelet can be charged inside the park as well, it can only be used by the holder and the lunalire charged in the bracelet should be used within the day.

There is also a daily ticket (€.18,00) that allows the entrance and unlimited use of all the rides of the park. For further information or for tickets online:


Viale delle Tre Fontane n.100 (Eur District)

The nearest metro stations are EUR Magliana, EUR Palasport and EUR Fermi of Line B.

Busses 706, 707, 717, 765 and 771 also go the park.